Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ok, here it is... don't laugh!
I went back to my watercolor class last night. I decided to not try to figure drawing classes because of all the hassel around them. So instead, I figured I'd let experience be my teacher.
It was a smaller class which is great by my, I just hope they don't decide to cancel it at the school!
We had a model that I remembered from last year. He's a good model because he has a strong face. I even made him a little more "fit" than he actually was, I hope he appreciated that :)
The one that I chose to post here, is the one I am most happy with. I had a really good pencil sketch underneath that for once, I was very happy with, but then as soon as I put the paint to the paper, I feel like I ruined the sketch! :) But with a little luck and maybe [dare i say] skill, I was able to rescue the painting and bring it back from mush. I could have done a few digital corrections but that would be cheating, so these are scans right out of the scanner.
You can see the other 3 paintings I did on my flickr account here.
fyi - yes the "blob" of color coming out of his eye was a "mistake" but to mod a quote from Gandalf the great... A watercolor painter paints exactly what he intends to. :) Also to give you an idea of scale, these are only about 5"x5".


vermillion said...

these are fanTAStic!! colors, lighting, composition-really nice! that one position had to have been really dificult, but you nailed it! looking forward to your next batch.

cyen said...

Very kind vermillion! Thanks :)
And thank you for noticing how impossible that one pose was :)