Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not really a post...

Been taking a couple days off from posting. I've got a couple things brewing though so stay tuned :) I will also say that my new computer game (wow) is consuming MUCH of my downtime. I am enjoying it a lot. It is interesting to me too to see how the game developers have made it addicting. They start off with small "quests" where you are awarded small prizes when you complete them. Then gradually they get harder and harder. Always dangling that next bigger and better prize in front of you. It's really clever of them. I'm also impressed with having met some of the other players online - most (which shocks me) seem to be polite and helpful. Some have been ignorant and of course some are spamming, but that was to be expected.

I've got a new music website to post about soon too... kinda cool.

I signed up for art classes again. I will be taking figure drawing (as a refresher course), watercolor again, and I signed up for three "lectures" on anatomy. I'm looking forward to it all in about 2 weeks.

I may blog about a few geeky issues I've had with transferring domain names, and setting up a new website. (I'm ever so slightly thinking of starting a domain just for this ol' blog, but we'll see.)

In the meantime, enjoy your "hump day" of this short week. Hope you had a relaxing 3 day weekend.

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