Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Southwest airlines

What is Southwest doing!?
Southwest has been my airline of choice over the past few years on my trips to California. They usually have decent prices, and I've never really had a problem.
Well, things are a changing...
Not too long ago, I went on their website to see what the prices were for a possible mini-vacation. Low and behold... they have discontinued ALL direct flights from Philadelphia to Oakland or SFO. The average flight now went from a 5.5 hour (flighttime) up to anywhere from 8 to 11 hours!! When I called them to question this "policy change" I got a nice run-around. I had to call several times to get a customer service person to agree that this was a policy change, and that they were no longer offering direct flights! Stinks.
Now, today, I found this post over on
One of the things that set Southwest apart from other airlines was their no assigned seats. Depending on when you check-in, you get put in a group of either A,B, or C. A's seat first, etc...
I always try to get on the A list so I can have first choice of seats (I prefer the aisle). One of the things Southwest offered though, was a pre-seating for elderly people, handicapped, or familys with young children. So now, they are getting rid of that. Again, this stinks... As someone who is not used to screaming kids, it worked great. Ususally the pre-seating families would sit up front. This allowed me to pick a seat several rows away so I wasn't near a screaming baby. But now... they could come in and sit down right behind, next to, or in front of me. I'll say it again, that stinks. There is even talk, of offering the "A" list as an added expense. yeah right.
So, I think it's official... southwest has lost me as a customer.
To be honest, I'm not even thrilled with flying anymore. I've heard all these stories of so many delayed flights, the way items are stolen from baggage, and all the hassles with TSA. I hope I can find a better airline for the next time I decided to fly.

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