Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally! A Bit of Justice!

Now, see, I was just going to post a quick post today, but then I saw this...
MO police officer is fired.
I actually did NOT blog about this police mis-conduct that appeared on the internet a few days ago. I decided to let this one go. Partly because I feel i've been posting too many of these, and partly because I was a little frightened to. When a police officer starts to threaten someone about "making up" a list of offenses that scares me.
But on todays Reddit is a follow-up that the officer in question has apparently been let go. I'm sad to see someone loose their job. But at the same time, based upon what this guy said, and how he reacted, I am glad he is not behind a gun and badge anymore. For what seems like ONCE the guy is held accountable.
Read the news story here.

note: the video has a REALLY annoying ticking noise.

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