Thursday, September 06, 2007

Update to "All Hail who"

Quick update to my "all hail who" post...
I brought my camera to work with me yesterday (Wed) to snap a photo of the offending graffiti on the "hail Mary full of grace" billboard. It looks like I was too late. On Tuesday, the graffiti was still there. By Wed morning there was a new billboard in its place. (It was one of those printed vinyl sheets).
So... I'll be interested to see if the vandal/Jesus promoter comes back again to leave a mark.
I've been thinking of this still and came up with a new thought... I was questioning wether or not it would be considered "moral" to break a law (such as graffiti) to change a message about God or religion. Then it hit me... that's the root of many problems in this world isn't it. Including war. The fact that there are different religions and beliefs, changes what people deem "moral". I'm sure this person who spray painted on the poster felt "morally justified" to do this. I'm sure the people who paid for the billboard were "morally outraged" that someone would deface their religious icon like this. Taking it one step further, if these two people met in person, I'm sure name calling would probably ensue, then a fist fights, then... well you get the idea. So, I've come to realize that this idea of "God's law" (whichever God you chose) being more "important" than "Man's law" can be a real problem.
I'm going to struggle to think about this more, so my opinions may change :)

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