Monday, September 24, 2007


This video made an appearance over the weekend over on "laughing Squid" and I just saw it repeated over on boingboing, so I figured that was a sign that I had to post it up too! :)
But really, I'm glad to post this video. This video had a huge impression on me when I saw it LIVE on TV. I remember staying up late one night to watch "saturday night live". This was back when SNL was something you didn't want to miss. I was still pretty young at the time, but I remember this video strongly for some reason. I think most of all, I had NEVER seen a performance like this. I had seen a bunch of videos and band performances, but the two things I remember... the costumes! These yellow jumpsuits that looked like some sort of haz-mat suit gone awry was so cool. Then the way these guys moved! Or rather Didn't move. The one guy who just sort of "twitched" the whole time, and the others who did this sort of robot dance. My memory is not that good to recall whether or not this was the first time I had seen DEVO, but I think I've been a fan ever since. As a quick sidenote: Not too long ago, I rented a DVD of all the early DEVO music videos. Oh MY! I was shocked at how CRUDE these things were. Not to mention how off the wall they were! I have a feeling that if I saw the videos first, I might not have been a devo fan. It's neat to think though, that at the time, these were some of the most creative music videos of their time. I sure do miss music videos.

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