Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finetune 80's

So I finally got around to putting together another playlist for my finetune website - and made it a permanent fixture in the sidebar of my blog. I stuck with a theme this time... All 80's music! Maybe because that's when I feel like I first discovered music, and a whole new world of "alternative" music opened up to me that it made a huge impression. So many of these songs are "one-hit-wonders" and some are from bands that are still around today and active (U2). At the time, these artists were considered "alternative" These artists were not played on the radio. You could hear them on college radio stations, Mtv (during certain times - back when Mtv was cool), word of mouth, and occasionally a movie soundtrack. Once they gained some popularity almost all of these songs ended up on the pop list of the radio stations.
If you like groups like: U2, depeche mode, the cure, softcell, big country, inxs, etc... you might like my choices. If not? Make your own finetune playlist and let me know in the comments.
PS> I'm impressed with finetunes selection of music.

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