Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New TV Shows...

As my blog-o-friend Valejandras pointed out the other day, yesterday (Mon) was the premier of the New TV show called Heros. Starting its second season after much fanfare on the success of the first season. I've really been looking forward to the new season (almost as much as battlestar galactica!). So I sat down to watch some new TV last night. First, I got to see the show called "Chuck". I had no idea that it was premiering right before Heros, so I kinda lucked out in seeing it. I REALLY Liked it! It had a little bit of everything I'm into... nerds, geeks, hot chicks, computers, conspiracy, Government cover-ups, comedy, etc... It's almost as if someone wrote that show just for me :) While I was watching it, I realized... somewhere along the line, it seems like TV is starting to cater to geeks like me. Perhaps it all started with the X-files, but now it seems Geek's are taking over. Heros (based heavily on a comic book feel), Chuck, IT Crowd, Another new show something about Big Bang theory, and there might be a couple more I'm missing... I don't understand it but I'm also not complaining! :)
Ok, onto Heros...
I don't know, maybe because I was hyped to see? But it felt different. The writing seemed to have changed big time. In the first season, it was VERY character driven. We were introduced to the characters little by little, and discovered them almost as the characters themselves were discovering each other. Last night seemed like they were trying to jam a bunch of loose ends into a storyline. It seemed more "canned" to me. There were a couple good twists, but overall I wasn't impressed - Also if you are going to throw these big twists into the plot they should explain it a little. I HOPE it falls back into the groove it had before. It would be sad to see this show fall to the wayside. I wonder if I can hit up imdb to find out who the writers were from the last season, and see if they changed.

I also half-watched the new show called journeyman. It wasn't bad. I may have to give this another try next week too.

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valejandras said...


sorry i'm late to post a comment... so i must say that i enjoyed the first episode. i felt like they had to bring back some of the "loose ends" in order to allow the story to carry on (that's a classic comic book trick)- i mean i don't think that spiderman would have been the same without reading a "catch-up" dialogue story in the comic.

so how did you like the girls who plays molly- man, they couldn't have chosen a better person. love her performance.

i can't wait to see what else is in store.