Thursday, September 20, 2007

Follow up to art class...

I'll try and squeeze in a quick post here.

So last night I went to my art class, and it was kind of a bust. Turns out, I think I signed up for the wrong class. I went back today to look at the course descriptions, and they are rather vague and over-lapping. So it's no wonder I picked the wrong course. So, I get to class early (almost 45 minutes) and I get the LAST parking spot in their parking lot. whew. Parking is a mess in that area of the city. I went in early, to get a good seat, and to buy a pad of newsprint from their school store. I go back to the classroom and people are starting to file in now. Turns out the class was totally packed! There were some people that came in, saw that there were no seats and turned around and left. A few "brave" souls actually came in and sat on the floor for 2 hours! I didn't think to count, but there had to be at least 50 people. So the teacher then proceeds to go over the supply list (which I had already bought), and tells us NOT to buy the pack of pastels, because we probably won't get to that. GRRR! Then she goes on to talk a little about the course, and says that we probably won't even have a live model until about 4-6 weeks! (I think there are only 13 classes so that's almost half). So, upon going back to the course descriptions today, I realized I probably should have signed up for the "figure drawing 1" class instead of the "drawing 2" class which covers the introduction to figure drawing.
So we spent all night (2 hours) drawing 3 vases. Not very exciting.
Don't get me wrong, I still actually enjoyed drawing the vases (actually 2 vases, and one bowl). But by the end of the class (again with no real instruction other than the "teacher" setting up the items and saying to draw them.
So, now, I'm faced with the decision... do I return to my watercolor class, or do I try to get into the "figure drawing 1" class. Which that's another debacle... On the website, it says the class if FULL and that they are taking names for a waiting list. So I tried to call the offices and I reach the receptionist. He tells me, I can still go to the class, and that there is no waiting list. Huh?! He said, that notice was put up to discourage people from registering for the class online.
So, now, I don't know if I too will be faced with another FULL class with no seating or what.
I'll have to decide what to do at a later time.
I'm still a little peeved at myself for buying all the supplies first.

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