Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art Classes

Well, tonight I start up my art classes again. I'm both hesitant and excited to start up again. I'm hesitant because I signed up for a new class... Drawing II (introduction to figure drawing). I found myself last semester struggling with some of my figure watercolors. So I thought I might get a little refresher course, and hopefully pick up some new info. The way this school works is very unstructured. So if I get to the class tonight and find that they will be covering stuff I already know, then I can always switch over to the watercolor class again. That's my intent anyway, until last night! I went up to my local "arts and crafts" store (no such thing as an art supply store near me anymore - which is REALLY SAD!). But they have all the basics. Anyway, I had a materials list to go by. Little did I know, that most of of the supplies i DON'T have! Here, I was thinking it was figure drawing right? All I need is a pencil and a sketch pad (which I had). But no... I had to get a bunch of charcoal supplies and pastels. I had NO idea that charcoal is so expensive! A little pack of burnt twigs was about $7. Then with some pastels, some pencils of different kinds, and some colored paper made for pastels, I ended up dropping $50! So now I'm committed I guess. I better like this course now. I still need to buy a pad of newsprint, but perhaps I can get that at the school store. So, it's with a little trepidation I'll be going to class tonight. It will be nice to get back into the "art world". I've already started "seeing" again. When you take (or maybe I should say "when I take") an art class, I start to see things that jump out at me as being artistic. Certain colors, patterns, etc... It's nice to get my brain in that mode again.
If I feel I get something good, I'll try posting it to my blog here for the world to see. :)
I just found a watercolor I did last semester as a sort of doodle, but I really like it. It's of a bunny rabbit that one of the classes was using. I saw it in the parking lot, and when I got to class early, I did a quick sketch and painting. Maybe I'll scan and post that later.

Where am I going to class you ask? Here.

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